About Freedom and Unity

Freedom and Unity is not only the state motto for Vermont, where we craft our small batch cannatopicals from locally sourced and sustainably grown hemp, but the vision and mission of our company.

We craft wellness products. And our intention is twofold: to bring individuals relief from the physical discomforts of aches, pains, stress, and tension, using the best ingredients we can find, and to bring communities relief from social, political, and environmental injustices, by giving back financially.

Because we all deserve to be free. And we are all one.

About the Owner

Hi—I’m Tania.

I grew up playing with mud pies, was an athlete in school, and studied Exercise Physiology at Penn State. In another life I was the Fitness Director and Wellness Coordinator for a large government agency in Washington, D.C. And, I looked down on yoga because I didn’t think it was a good workout—so what was the point?

Fast forward through a relocation, career change, marriage, two kids, and a divorce. When I finally gave yoga a try—starting off with Bikram, of course—I wished I hadn’t been so judgemental earlier in life. I tried other styles, got deeper into my practice, and moved beyond the physical aspects of yoga. I received my 200 hour YTT (yoga teacher training) In Costa Rica in 2015.

And I turned 50 last year. I can’t believe I’m admitting that—but it’s 1am and I can always edit later and cut that part out ;). Anyway, some of my aches and pains are lingering…a long time. I found that for me—and countless others—high quality CBD topicals bring relief. So I set out to make products that I would want to use (and do), informed by yogic principles. I think you’ll like them too.