Small batch cannatopicals made in Vermont

I received a tin of Smolder for Fathers’s a miracle for my shoulders.
— John
TLC for muscles that play outside (and feel it later)

TLC for muscles that play outside (and feel it later)


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Our CBD comes from Vermont-grown whole plant hemp extract, and is blended with nutrient rich botanicals and aromatic essential oils to nurture body and soul.

With our first offering, the Tantric Muscle Butter line, we bring relief to sore muscles and achy joints of yogis, climbers, bikers, runners, golfers, surfers, farmers, weekend warriors…you get the idea. This is for everyone who enjoys the great outdoors—and often feels the aftereffects.

Whether you choose the fresh, cooling touch of Shiver, or the warm and spicy embrace of Smolder, CBD, arnica, and calendula impart their healing properties to the mix.

With a subtle aroma—unlike the obnoxious creams you might find in a drug store—and a buttery, sensuous feel, our cannatopicals are lovingly made in small batches in the foothills of Vermont’s Green Mountains.

We source locally, package sustainably, and donate a portion of our net profits to humanitarian and environmental causes.

Local. Global. Sustainable. A woman owned small business.